Beautiful of Kurdistan Pageant

Beautiful of Kurdistan
From the series of fashion, beauty, and style competitions.
With the official license of Paris Fashion Standard, the World Fashion Industry Association, with the Registration number 2110019 in the name of Bello Models Academy Paris. The purpose of this competition is to introduce the beauties of Kurdistan, a city with amazing culture and kind people by Kurdistan Beauty Ambassador .
In this competition, interested females aged 18 to 30 years old will be registered, and compete with each other in three stages: preliminary, selection, and final. in the final stage, one of the participants with the public vote, and the judges vote as winner of (beautiful Kurdistan) year 2022 will be selected and will introduce during the live video broadcast. The beauty of Kurdistan will gain a brand name during the year from the date of selection and will be invited to ceremonies as a celebrity at various parties and the TV and advertising programs.
International Belle Models Academy Paris is a French-Italian company registered Paris fashion standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-1) with 185 international branches. The Bello Academy is the winner of the Best Modeling academy Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard.

Details, conditions, and how to register for the beautiful of beautiful of Kurdistan pageant.

Terms of participation in the beautiful of Kurdistan pageant:
– Females aged between 18 to 30.
– Citizenship is not important and the citizenship of any country that loves Dubai can participate in this competition.
– 250 Euros participate and training fee for the pageant
– Minimum height 163 and above.

How to register for the contest:
Registration is done online and by the official website of Bello Models Academy and as follows. to register, first fill-up the registration form, attach the requested documents and photos, and then pay the registration fee.

Contest Schedule:
Registration time for the beautiful Kurdistan competition starts on Feb First, 2022, and its final is on Sep 25, 2022.
In addition, the opportunity to register will be from Feb 1, 2022, until the 25th of Jun 2022, and the start of the competition process from the first of July, 2022.

The competition steps:
Primary level:
The preliminary stage is actually the model casting stage in which the profiles of all participants in the one-on-one competition are reviewed and judged by 6 casting judges to select and enter the competitive stage, and finally, 25 people are selected.

Selective step:
In the selection stage, 25 people selected in the preliminary stage for competing in the final stage will compete with each other, and finally, 10 winners of this stage will be determined.

Final stage:
in this stage, 10 selected candidates ( in the selection stage for the final winner “beautiful of the Kurdistan” ) will compete with each other, and finally, only1 one winner will be introduced as the final winner and valuable position of Kurdistan beauty Ambassador.

Winner Contest prizes:
– Grand Cash Prize
– 2-year work visa
– Kurdistan Beauty Ambassador Certificate 2022
– Kurdistan Tourism Ambassador Certificate 2022
– Media Production Acting – Modeling Contract
– Fashion magazine contract
– Sponsors a full modeling and acting course with an international Certificate from Paris
– And a large number of complete sets of cosmetics from different brands.

For All Candidates:
All participants, whether they win or loses:
Receiving cosmetics browse during the contest.
Modeling or acting free training package
Casting Certificate of Grade C

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For registration feel-up the bellow form attach documents and photos and pay registration fee. and than wait 24 hours for confirmation email and your contentment details. If you any question or need more information feel free to contact us in WhatsApp :  +33751419600

Contest Registration form

Beautiful of Kurdistan

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents and then pay the 250 euros registration fee and submit. And then within 48 hours, you will get a contest casting test certificate and pageant process via email.
Facing submit issues?  WhatsApp: +33751419600

Price: 250,00 €
While submitting the form, I agreed to pay 250 euros for the casting grade c certificate, and contest entry+ short training course by credit card. also you can pay by USD $ in Bitcoin (250Euro = $272 USD) to get the Wallet address please contact whatsapp: +33751419600 Bello Support office. in any way to submit your info click submit and let we have your information.