Our Team

Departments and Managers

Bello Models Academy Paris,  Departments & Managers 
We working hard to serve you and support you in a group of professional departments, to give you the best education and training at the Bello models academy.

– Management Department :
– Mr Pietro Bello G , Ceo & founder of Bello Group compies . Head Quarter
– Mrs. Elisabeth, Manager of International Bello Models Academy Hq – Paris

– Education, Courses & Coach Department :
Education Team and Students & Courses
Mr. Kevin, edu@bello-models.com

– Registration & Support Department :
Registration Team and Registration Manager:
Mr Tavakoli (support@bello-models.com )
Mr Adam (support@bello-models.com )
International Call center whatsAPP : +33751419600

– IT & Media Department :
IT-Team and Multi-Media
Mr. Bern, it@bello-models.com

– Accounting Department :
Accounting and Financial and contracts team
Mr. Matthew, accounting@bello-models.com

– Franchise Department :
Branches and Franchise Operation team
Mrs. Olga – franchise@bello-models.com

– Contest Department :
Contest & National Directors Team
Mrs. Olga, contest@bello-models.com

– Private Coach Training Department:
Private training Organization System
Mrs. Rose Valentin, coach.dep@bello-models.com

– Film Organization Department:
Film industries operation team
Mr. Micheal, film.dep@bello-models.com

– Casting Department:
Casting Team operation Department Manager
Mrs. Sera Boten, casting@bello-models.com

– Booking Department:
Booking and Job placement Department Manager
Mrs. Sophia, booking@bello-models.com

-Models& Actors Market & Models investor department:
Market investors Operation Team Manager
Mrs. Catherine, support@bello-models.com

– Bello Networks Department (BND):
Networking Operation Team Manager
Mrs. Mary, support@bello-models.com

– Claim, Report & Disciplinary Department:
– Claim, Report & Disciplinary organization Team
Mrs. Elisa, disciplinarycouncil@bello-models.co