Artists and Models Investment Market

Artists & Models Investment Market

Models and Artists Investment Market:
What is the Artists & Models investment Market in Bello Models Management, and who can how can inter in to the markket?
International Bello Models academy from Paris provides investment maket share for fashion models, actors, singers, dancers, and etc.

International Bello Models Management Paris is a French-Italian company registered by Paris fashion standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-1 )

One of the special features of Bello Models Management that distinguish it from others is the introduction of skilled Artists to the job, worldwide by 3 international Databases and private booking managers in all countries right after the contract with us as the mother agency, or freelancer or Private booking manager requests.
The Bello is the winner of the Best Modeling Management Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard

Terms of registration for Artists and models Investment Market

Artists & Models Investment Market:
Who can Inter into the Artists investment market  ?
The Models, Actors, Singers, Dancers, and etc can inter in to the market with registration the process.

What is the Models investment Market in Bello Models Management?
This is professional & highest models market with millions dollars investment.
Models Investment Market Is the New Idea from International Bello Management. this is a huge opportunity for all fashion and artists lovers who want to invest in this market.

Artists market allowing the:
1- Allowing the models and all artists to enter this market. an artist who has a high quality of style or a superstar who wants to become a brand.
2- Investors who can invest in this market and buy and sell the market share to earn millions of profit.

We will put the list of Models who are ready to the market with all details of brand name ( Model )and investment detail. each model in this market, become a brand name and we will introduce it to the investors so they can invest about.

So :
A ) Models & All Artists :
If you are a Artist or a model and thinking your style and qualification of fashion or acting career, or any artists ablity ready for the international Bello Models Market. you can apply and we will process your file in our casting department and we will let you know the result.
To apply: click here

B ) Main & Public share Investors :
If you are an investor and planning to invest in the International Bello Models & Artists Market. follow and,…
To apply: click here

Benefits in Models Market:
 Artists, how can benefit from this market?
Artists and models will have %10 of the total base investor amount. in each main transaction. models will receive in each Main transaction. that’s no limit from 100.000 to millions of dollars.

Main Investors how benefit in this market?
Main Investors, will have:
1- A total of (buy and selling the brand) amount in each base transaction. that is no limit, from minimum to millions of dollars.
Example: invest and buy a brand $1.0000.000 and Sale after a few days or month to example … 3000.000 $
2- Share profit :
Example: This depends on, how many shares sold out in that period.

Do public share Investors benefit in this market?
Public investors will have % Of each main transaction and a total of public share befits in a period they buy and sell.
1- Minimum investment for the Main investor?
Depending on the price that Brand (Model ) listed in the market with Minimum Price to the maximum. from $10 starts to millions.
2- Minimum investment for public share investors?
public share investors can after signing up. start from a minimum of $10

This market in February 2015 started and finally, in December 2021 accepted and registered by Paris Fashion Standard (World fashion association) and ready to work internationally.

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How to request for investor market?
It’s very easy, just fill up the below form + attach documents, and then and submit. once we received your request we will contact you from the booking department to process your order.a1-

Registration form

Artists and Models Investment Market registration form

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents and then pay the registration fee and submit. And then within 48 hours, you will get the result and your contract process via email.
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