International Stars Project: Take Off with Flight Modeling
Stars Project international Models
Stars Project:
Secure a Global Career in Modeling, Acting, and Fashion Photography with Just 4 Months of Training

About the Stars Project
The Stars Project is a global initiative providing online academic training and career opportunities in the fashion industry for models, actors, photographers, and coaching professionals. Courses are conducted by the award-winning Bello Models Academy Paris, a French-Italian institution recognized under Paris fashion standards and named the world’s best modeling academy in 2021.

Global Opportunities with the Stars Project
Join the Stars Project and work internationally through Bello Management Paris, one of the leading talent agencies worldwide. Enjoy a lucrative salary, complimentary visa, accommodation, and travel for international assignments. Additionally, you’ll receive an international certificate, identity card, personal booking manager, and IBD-Hollywood membership to elevate your global profile.

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your passion into a profession. Join the stars project at Bello models academy and become a superstar!

Stars Project Member Benefits

After completing our training, members enjoy numerous advantages:
1- International certificate from Bello Models Academy Paris.
2- Employment contracts spanning 5 to 10 years with renewal options.
3- Competitive salary starting between $3,000 to $8,000 monthly, plus commissions, with potential for offers from $100,000 to millions.
4- Complimentary visa for international projects.
5- Free accommodation during international assignments.
6- Covered travel expenses and flight tickets for international projects.
7- International Skill Identity Card.
8- Personal booking manager.
9- Membership in IBD-Hollywood for global promotion and contract opportunities.
10- Access to the IBD Hollywood Celebrity Club.
and more…

Starts Project - international Modeling

Stars Project 2024: Get an international job with just four months of online training, accessible

Stars Project 2024
International Job after 4-month online training
Modeling,  Acting,  Fashion photography, and  Modeling Coach

Welcome to Stars Project 2024
Celebrating a decade of global reach in 185 countries, the Stars Project is powered by the renowned Bello Models Academy Paris—the only academy worldwide to guarantee a job post-training.
This year, participants in modeling, acting, fashion photography, and coaching will undergo four months of comprehensive online education. Following this, they will embark on international careers, either in their home country or abroad, with Bello Management Paris. Known for its extensive network, Bello Management is a leading provider of talent across the film and fashion industries in 185 countries.

Registration Requirements:
Registration Guidelines for Stars Project 2024:
A) Age Criteria: 16 to 45 years for models and actors.
B) Fees: €220 for the casting test and €3000 for main registration.
C) Participant Limits: Each country has a maximum quota for registrations.
D) Installments: Payment plans are available but restricted to a limited number of early registrations.

Due to high demand and limited spots, priority will be given to early applicants. Once capacity is reached, no further registrations will be accepted.

Stars Project Registration Fee:
Program Costs & Payment Information
– Total Cost: €3000. Participants may choose to pay in six monthly installments.
– Casting Test: The initial step involves a €220 fee for the casting test. This test is not evaluative but helps determine the best fit within the fashion sector, whether that be magazine style, advertising, or production photography.
D- discount Offer: A €400 discount is available for those who pay the full amount in one installment, lowering the total fee to €2600.

Installment Payment Options:
Installment Payment Schedule:
1- First Payment: €500 upon registration.
2- Second Month: €500
3- Third Month: €500
4- Fourth Month: €500
5- Fifth Month: €500
6- Sixth Month: €500

Financial Assurance:
Don’t worry about the costs—most participants earn this amount back during the early months of employment. Additionally, the academy provides part-time job opportunities during your study period to help you manage finances.

How to start registering:
The registration process consists of 2 steps:
Step 1: Casting test
in this step, volunteers must perceive the casting test by filling out the form and choosing the casting test step in the section. in the payment, section must select the Casting test fee and then submit and wait 48 hours casting test result process to come out by checking your email after 48 hours.

Step 2: Completing the main registration
in this step, volunteers must complete the final registration step after receiving the email. and volunteers must choose a payment method of installment or one-time payment and then fill out the form following the email guidance
if you need help, than Contact via WhatsApp for a consultation process

Training Start Details:
Upon completing registration, you’ll begin your journey within 48 hours. Here’s what to expect:

1- Confirmations & Approvals: You’ll receive payment confirmation and approvals from seven departments including T&M.
2- Account Activation: Your online profile will be set up, including account activation, contract, and student ID. All necessary arrangements will be made to support your profile.
3- Course Schedule: The program includes four months of online academic courses followed by a one-month workshop.

Employment Opportunities Post-Training:
Upon completing your training, we will assist in securing employment based on your specialized area of study, either locally or internationally within the film and fashion industries. You will begin your career under the guidance of a private booking manager arranged by our booking department, continuing as long as your contract with International Bello Models Management is active.

Post-Training Collaboration Details:
The revenue split under the contract between Bello Company and the candidate will be:
70% to the candidate
30% as a management fee to Bello
Our booking department will handle all your job-related needs including marketing, contract negotiations, and updates.

Support team :
Contact Information
For more details, feel free to reach out to us via call or WhatsApp message.

  • Customer Support & Consultation:
    –  WhatsApp Call: +33 75141 9600
    –  Email:

Registration form

International Stars Project online registration form 2024

Please complete the form and attach your photos and documents. Next, pay the registration fee using a credit or debit card, PayPal, or digital currency like Bitcoin, and then submit your application. You will receive the results of your submission and educational process details via email within 48 hours.

If you encounter any issues during submission or need consultation, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp at +33751419600.

Please pay the "Stars Project" registration fee via credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin while submitting the form. For assistance, contact us on WhatsApp at +33751419600.
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