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International Bello Models Academy Paris is a French-Italian company with 185 international branches. the Bello academy with 500 courses and 35 years of experience, is the biggest Modeling, Acting, Photography, Makeup, Dance, Music, Singing, Mass Media & Journalism academy all over the world.
One of the special features of Bello Models Academy that distinguishes it from others is the introduction to the job after training in all countries.

International Belle Models Academy Paris, has so far trained nearly 2milion, students and employed them by managing and providing jobs after training.
Bello Academy is the winner of the Best Modeling Academy Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard

Bello Academy Worldwide Services :

International Bello Academy Services in all countries,   
A- Introducing trained and skilled artists to the work worldwide and in all countries :
Introducing Models & Celebrates, Actors, Photographer, Makeup Artists, Dancer, Musician, Singers, Mass Media skills & Journalists. for request fill-up the below form.

B- Production & Media and Mass Media services : 
– Video clips production & Advertising short video (full equipment, Models, Photographer & Video Cameraman)
– Fashion Show & Fashion Event (full Organizing & Models . Photographer & Video Cameraman and Press Media Cover )
– Photography & Studio, and photoshoot Services (Photographer and model – with full equipment)
– Music Video Production ( With full equipment & Skills ) Musician, Singer, Dancer 
– Exhibition Services : producing Event Models, Photographer, Cameraman, Dancer, Music, and Host or Presenter 
– Press and Media & blogger and Journalist services
– Tv , Radio host and presenter service
– Video and photography service for Social networks Advertising 
– Interdicting Actors or models, makeup or any skills needed for film & Cinema or production Projects 
– New Products Introduction ( short Film, Photo, Video Clip )

C- Offering training courses + introduction to work after completing training in the fields of fashion industry, film industry, photography industry, make-up and beauty industry, dance industry, music and media worldwide in more than 185 countries. Click to see the list of all 500 courses & Registration process

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