Mother Agency Contract

A mother agency contract will include things like how the Artists earnings will be divided between the Artist and the mother agency or Management.
The mother agency clause of a contract, where an agency seeks to employ it, then further provides that the agency claims a commission on any job the model, or actor, or photographer, singer, dancer, and etc,… ever obtains, even if that job is obtained by another agency.
International Bello Models Academy Paris is a French-Italian company registered Paris fashion standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-1 )

One of the special features of Bello Models Management that distinguish it from others is the introduction of skilled Artists to the job worldwide by 3 international Databases and private booking managers in all countries right after the contract with us as the mother agency.
The Bello Academy is the winner of the Best Modeling academy Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard

Terms of registration for Bello Mother Agency Contract

What is a mother agency contract?
A mother agency (or mother agent) is the one you first begin working with. They’re the agency that helps you learn the industry and build your portfolio, and that gives you the guidance you need to succeed as a model. Therefore, a mother agency contract will most likely be the first one you’ll ever sign.

Are you looking for a management or mother agency?
Are you a professional model, Actor, or photographer, who needs an international mother agency or job operation management?
Sign up now and join us. Wherever you are or want to be, we will provide your jobs in all countries.
International Bello Models Management from Paris, is a professional mother agency in 185 countries with many job opportunities. The company has good communication with all film, fashion, production, magazines, media, event organizers, international brands, and model agencies in all countries, the company works closely with Hollywood, Bollywood China dragon film group, and all Arabian film and fashion markets.

If you want to grow up in your career and have a lot of international job opportunities, you need to find international booking & operation management. and in this way, we will give you all the opportunities you need, so go ahead and sign up for a full-time exclusive contract.
In this way, International Bello Management is a company that can promote, book, and find jobs for you internationally.
They can control your job contracts and take care of your career and keep you in a high position. Bello Management is the best and biggest management in all countries that link to 200,000 Films. Fashion, Makeup, Dance, Music & Singing, Mass media & Journalist industry companies.
2500 professional direct booking managers in the Bello booking department, work 7- 24 hours a day to find the best job offer for all contracted members all around the world.

After signing up, you going to have these benefits :
1- local or international job mother agency contract 3-5 years
2- free membership of IBD Hollywood ( International Film Database NYC .- Pfs Database and WMD Database – The normal cost of these 3 databases is $2000 yearly. but free for our Contract Members )
3- Free Visa in working time
4- Free ticket and transportation
5- Free accommodation for stay Models
6- Pocket money – advance support
7- Direct booking Manager
8- International Models identity card
9- International Job support in All countries
10- Urgent healthy care support
11- Security support
12- Lone and financial support
13- Part-time and extra job support
14- International career certificate
15 – Sponsor Support – If needed.
16 -Training Courses with Special Members Discount Fee.
And more another opportunity,…

Collaboration Term & Condition:
Cooperation Term between Bello Company & Artists :
%70 for Artists Member
%30 for Bello Management

Contract Period :
3 to 5 Years depending on the Artist’s request

Sign-up & Registration Fee:
The mother agency & management contract fee is 399 Euro

The deference of freelanced talents & Under contract with mother agency talents :
The derent between mother agency contract and freelance is, freelance can work with other agencies too . but under contract with mother agency contract they not allowed. and the company provide job first to contract talents and than freelancers .

After signing a contract with us, you will have:
job booking manager, completing files and resumes, preparing the online album and starting the advertising, and finally presenting the work and generating income, and sending the official Identity card from Paris.

Important Note:
Due to the limited number of annual employments and high demand, priority will be given to those who act sooner. It is not possible to register after completing the capacity. Below, you can see an example of those who have already registered and are working. You will have a profile similar to the below friends too.
Henry- From London photographer. code number:10000011
Elena From Rusia code number 10000051-1
Tatiana From Rusia code number 10000050-1

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and,…
Instagram: @tvbello
Youtube:   Bello models academy

For more information or any questions, contact us in the support office.
Our Whatsapp, email & website are :
WhatsApp: +33 75141 9600

Registration form

Artists Mother Agency Contract & Casting test registration

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents, and then pay the 399 euros registration fee and submit. And then within 48 hours, you will get a casting test certificate and your contract process via email.
Facing submission issues?  Whatsapp: +33751419600

Freelance / Mother Agency?
Whit submitting the form, I agreed to pay registration fee. you can pay by credit card or Digital currency like Bitcoin or...USD) to get the Wallet address please contact whatsapp: +33751419600 Bello Support office. in any way to submit your info click submit and let we have your information first. and than call us.