Sponsor Request

Sponsorship request for Artists 
Who can request an artist’s sponsorship? 
International Bello Models academy from Paris provides sponsors for fashion models, actors, singers, dancers, and etc.
Sponsoring something is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services. The individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor, is known as the sponsor and also one who assumes financial responsibility in a Specified time for some other person or thing.

International Bello Models Management Paris is a French-Italian company registered by Paris fashion standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-1 )

One of the special features of Bello Models Management that distinguish it from others is the introduction of skilled Artists to the job, worldwide by 3 international Databases and private booking managers in all countries right after the contract with us as the mother agency, or freelancer or Private booking manager requests.
The Bello is the winner of the Best Modeling Management Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard

Terms of registration for Sponsor Request

Sponsor Request:
Sponsor, One who assumes financial responsibility in a Specified time for some other person or thing
How can I get a sponsor?
Who can request an artist’s sponsorship ( Models, actors, singers, dancers, and etc.) and what kind of sponsor can I have?

Do you need a sponsor?
What is the sponsor’s department in Bello Models Co.?
And what kind of supports there are in this department?
Sometimes a person as an artist is qualified for modeling, acting, dancing, singing, music, etc… but due to many issues, especially financial inability, It can not enter this field and grow.
International Bello Models Management opened the sponsor’s department in 2015.
In this department, we are searching to find special artists in all art industries that are full of potential and need financial support to grow up.

Also, we have a list of sponsors who looking for investment in this field of business opportunities. They invest in special artists from the whole world with the Bello warranty.

So if you are believing in your style and your ability of any art subjects ability, and are ready to enter into the Bello sponsorship market, you can follow and apply by the below casting test form. we will process your case in the sponsor’s department and will send you the result within 48 hours. for this, we need you to apply for the casting test first.

How can I request sponsorship and what kind of sponsor can I have?
1- You can have a sponsor for training tuition fees.
2- You can have a career sponsor

Registration fee:
The registration fee for your ability casting test fee is 299 euro

Sponsorship Term & Condition:
– 3 to 5 Years contract period
– %20 of all incomes for sponsor
– 30% of all incomes for career management ( Bello Management )
– 50% of all incomes for Artist

Fill up the form, attach the documents and pay the $299 sponsorship registration(casting test) fee. online from this page: Casting Test and wait 48 hours to receive the result email.

You will be sponsored for training tuition fees or career opportunities.
– For training, you will train by international Bello academy Paris. and after training, we will introduce you to the work internationally.
– For career, your career will be supported by Professional Booking Manager and the sponsor will have %20 of your salary following the contract.

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For more information or any questions, contact us in the support office.
Our WhatsApp, email & website are :
WhatsApp : +33 75141 9600

Need More Information?
Contact customer service for free / with WhatsApp: +33751419600
or email to: booking@bello-models.com

How to request for Sponsor in Bello Academy?
It’s very easy, just fill up the below form + attach documents, and then click to pay the 299 euro registration fee by credit or debit visa or master card or PayPal. once we received your request we will contact you from the booking department to process your order

Registration form

Artists Sponsor Request registration form

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents and then pay the 299 euros registration fee and submit. And then within 48 hours, you will get the result and your contract process via email.
Facing submit issues?  Whatsapp: +33751419600