Branch licensing and franchise request

Bello Academy Franchise

Branch licensing and franchise request
International Bello models academy Paris

Invest in Success: Partner with Bello Models Academy’s Global Network!
Bello Models Academy is a rapidly growing, world-renowned academy with over 35 years of experience in the film, fashion, dance, and music industries. With numerous accolades and a proven track record, we are expanding our reach by offering franchise opportunities in countries worldwide. We’re seeking investors and partners to represent the prestigious International Bello brand in their own countries.
“Explore the opportunity to invest in Bello Models Academy’s franchise for lucrative returns. Join a prestigious global brand with extensive experience in modeling education and guaranteed career opportunities.

Why Choose Bello Models Academy?

  • Unmatched Experience: Over 35 years in the industry.
  • Global Recognition: Awarded Best Modeling Academy in the world, 2021.
  • Comprehensive Training: 500 courses in modeling, acting, fashion photography, make-up, music, and dance.
  • Job Placement: Guaranteed job placement after graduation.

Investment Opportunity

  • Unleash Your Financial Potential: Invest in our franchise and enjoy lucrative returns!
  • Become a part of a prestigious brand with a strong global presence.

About Bello Models Academy

International Bello Models Academy Paris, a French-Italian company, is registered with the Paris Fashion Standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France) and holds the PFS license number 21.300-1. With 185 international branches, we are the largest academy in modeling, acting, fashion photography, make-up, music, and dance. Our unique approach includes job placement for all graduates, ensuring a successful career for our students.

How It Works

  1. Branch Setup: Establish and organize a Bello Models Academy branch in your country.
  2. Marketing & Advertising: Promote and attract students interested in our courses.
  3. Training & Consultation: Provide top-tier education under the guidance of our head office.
  4. Collaboration: Maintain regular communication and reporting with the head office.
  5. Franchise Fee: Ability to pay the branch franchise fee.
    We provide all necessary education materials, courses, certificates, and management systems, while the branch focuses on advertising, recruiting, and training students.

Franchise Requirements

  • One time License Fee: Depends on the country’s population (ranging from €35,000 to €50,000).
  • Marketing Skills: Ability to manage digital advertising and marketing.
  • Operational Capacity: Ability to train and consult students.

Top 7 Populous Countries with Exclusive Franchise License Fees

  1. India: €1,000,000
  2. China: €1,000,000
  3. United States: €1000,000 
  4. Indonesia: €200,000
  5. Russia: €100,000
  6. Brazil: €100,000
  7. Mexico: €100,000

Revenue Sharing

  • Head Office: Receives 30% commission on each student registration.
  • Branch: Receives 70% commission on each student registration.

Yearly Revenue of Each Branch:
Each branch is expected to generate a minimum annual revenue equivalent to ten times its franchise fee.

Contact Us
For more information or to apply for a franchise, please contact:

You can request for :
       –  Models Academy Branch  for age 15 years old to up
       –  Kids Models school Branch  for age 1 to 14 years old 
       –  Bello Models Agency Branch for operating models and job placement 
      –  Request or each Category will be deferent process and license fee 

Transform your future with our franchise opportunity. Join Bello Models Academy today and become part of a globally recognized brand!