Music and Singing Courses

Music and Singing Courses. 45 Courses with an included certificate and introduction to the job after graduation in all countries.
The duration of the training is 3-months of online and academic training. The training will be weekly and by video courses. and the exams will be held every two weeks. And in the last week, will be included with workshops and practical exercises.

International Bello Models Academy Paris is a French-Italian company registered Paris fashion standard (Rg.992115/Paris – France ) and ( PFS license number 21.300-1)

One of the special features of Bello Models Academy that distinguishes it from others is the introduction to the job after finishing the study in all countries.

The Bello Academy is the winner of the Best Modeling academy Award in the world in 2021, has been introduced by Paris Fashion Standard

List of Music & Singing Courses:

Music & Singing Courses in international Bello Models Academy :
Chose the subject you are interested and register follows the below form.
1- Piano & Keyboard Course
2- Classic Guitar Beginner to The Advance
3- Bass Guitar Beginner to The Advance
4- How To Play Drums?
5- How To Become a DJ?
6- How To Sing Like A Pro?
7- How do I get into the singing industry?
8 How to Start to become a professional Singer?
9- Natural Singing for everyone
10- Voice Training Course
11- How to Play Harmonica?
12- How to Read Music?
13- How to play Violin?
14- Songwriting Basics to Pro
15- Music Composition Course
16- How to Play Saxophone?
17- Songwriting Complete Course
18- Become A Music Producer
19- How to Become A Music Video Producer?
20- How to Start A Music Production Company?
21- How to be a Voice Actor?
22- Film Soundtrack Course
23-Voice and Music Recording & Preproduction Business
24- How to be ready for singing competitions?
25- How Singer act like a pro at the Concert?
26- How to Mix a Song from Start to Finish?
27- Film Score Course
28- Complete Mixing In Making Music
29- How to Play Flute? (Beginners)
30- How to play Flute? (Advanced)
31- Classical Guitar Essentials A to Z
32- Trumpet, Learn How to Play Beginner to Pro
33- Push workflow & Production Techniques
34- Songwriting for Piano & Guitar
35- Music Theory Course
36- Film, TV, & Game Music Composer
37- Piano for Singers
38- Learn How to Play Clarinet
39- Breathing exercises for Singers
40- Orchestration Complete Course
41- Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
42- Sound Healing Complete Course
43- How To Play Modern Blues?
44- Singing & Voice Casting Test
45- How to start Music Concert business

Terms of registration for Music & Singing Courses

Music and Singing Industry Courses
By International Bello Models AAcademy Paris
Music’s purpose is to express and modulate emotion. Music’s primary use is mood control. We sing lullabies to soothe babies – which works very well when language fails.
Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice. A person who sings is called a singer or vocalist (in jazz and popular music). Singers perform music (arias, recitatives, songs, etc.) that can be sung with or without accompaniment by musical instruments.
In the below list, you going to find 45 Music and singing courses that help you to achieve your goals.

In these courses, you going to learn professionally from A to Z about the subject you choose. you will study by the international Bello Models Academy the biggest international Music and singing academy in 185 countries with 35 Years’ experience. after study each subject you will get the international Certificate and also Introduction to the work within 3 international Promoting databases.

And remember the Bello Academy isn’t just an academy, it’s about learning to experience and getting a job after training with an international certificate.

Registration conditions:
1- Adults aged 15 to 55 years
2- Casting test certificate – grade. C
Attention: If you haven’t yet a test certificate, don’t worry. we will proceed to the casting test at the same time as the registration. the casting test doesn’t mean you will be rejected or succeed. The casting test is for determining the branch of course subject
 volunteers, etc.

Required Documents:
Complete the below form and attach the requested documents as follows:
– 4 photos ( 2 full-length and 2 half-height and face ) normal photos with no photoshop.
– Photo of your national identity card
– And follow the form requirements

Course fee:
The cost of Course + introduce to the job is, 1500 euro + Casting test grade c fee (99 euro)
Total: 1599 Euro.
Also do not worry about spending, because you will be earning this money in the first months of starting work. And it’s not a cost, it is an investment in your ability and interests.

Course specifications:
3 months of online academic training with video courses and weekly submissions + exams (every two weeks + international certificate from Paris with the Paris fashion standard stamp + Professional profile and online album + introduction and presentation to work in your country immediately after the graduate + Official contract + International ID card from Paris. 

After submitting the documents in the first stage of the test, the result and certificate (the branch and orientation of the student) will be sent by email to the volunteer within 24 to 48 hours. After determining the result of the test, the curriculum will be sent and the lessons will start the next coming Monday.
After graduation
, you going to have: job booking manager, compiling files and resumes, preparing the online album and starting the advertising, and finally presenting the work and generating income, and sending the official ID card from Paris.

Important Note:
Due to the limited number of annual employments and high demand, priority will be given to those who act sooner. It is not possible to register after completing the capacity. In the below, you can see an example of those who have already registered and are working. You will have a profile similar to the below friends too.
Elena From Russia code number 10000051-1
Tatiana From Russia code number 10000050-1

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Registration form

Casting test and the Music & Singing Courses registration form

Fill up the form, attach your photos & documents and then pay the 1599 euros registration fee and submit. And then within 48 hours, you will get a casting test certificate and your course and study plan.
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Price: 1.599,00 €
Whit submitting the form, I agreed to pay 1599 Euros casting & full package fee. you can pay by credit card or visa or PayPal if any issue you can pay by Bitcoin or any digital currency . for wallet address call support office : +33751419600